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Noma Han for Oak NYC

Anonymous asked: I think that you seem interesting and sweet and are really cute. I also really love your art. I think that you're going to make a lucky guy really happy someday because it seems like when you like someone, you really give them your all. I don't know you much at all, so I'm mostly going off what you say on here, but yeah, that's what I think of you. Oh, also, I think you can totally make it in the art world. I think you made a post doubting that, but you can do it. I believe in you and am a fan.

ugh thank you for your kind words, they mean so much ;__; I love you

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me: I’ll never cry again, I’ll never cry again, I’ll never cry again.

me after 10 minutes : *crying* 

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Liful SS14 “Boyhood Museum” Lookbook